Training for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups by a Certified NRA Instructor
Classes Offered : Concealed Carry Licenses, Practical Everyday Carry For Civilians, Gun Safety, Personal Protection In The Home, Protecting Yourself On The Street & Private Lessons Also Available.

empower firearms training is
LGBT  friendly
FREE Concealed Carry training
in orlando available to lgbt community

Also Offering  FEMPOWER  Firearms Instruction Specifically Designed and Taught by a Woman for Women of All Ages and Gun Safety Class Designed for Entire Families. These Classes can be Held in Small Groups in the Privacy of Your Home or Club or in our Deland Classroom.


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Certified NRA Instructor Located in Florida Offering Classes in All States.
Please Contact for Available Schedule and Locations.

PRIVATE LESSONS  for individuals or groups.

1 person 1 hour $35, 2 hours $60 (10 x 1 hr lessons $250 - can share)

2 people 1 hour $60, 2 hours $100

4 people 1 hour $100, 2 hours $160

UN SAFETY CLASS $35 PER PERSON ($25 for 6 or more) for 2 hour class. Ideal for families!

PRACTICAL EVERY DAY CARRY FOR CIVILIANS This class is designed for those who have their Concealed Carry License to encourage them to carry every day and prepare them for the potential challenges, considerations, mind-set and wardrobe changes that this requires. Holster selection, clothing choices, carrying at work-place, hobbies/activities, differing weather conditions and their effect on every day carry will be examined in detail. Too often these aspects are overlooked and this may result in the individual deciding it's too much trouble to carry every day – a decision that could cost them their lives! $25 for 2 hour class.

“FEMPOWER” LADIES CLASS - This class is recommended as an introduction to handguns for those with no experience or those wishing to become more comfortable in handling them. It includes a demonstration of multiple types of holsters for use with various types of dress to enable concealed carry for females. These will be available to examine and try on. Some alternative types of weapons and basic self defense techniques not involving firearms will also be discussed. $35 per person with a minimum of 2 students / $25 per person for 6 students or more. This 3 hour class can be held in your home if preferred.

FEMPOWER” LADIES SHOOTING CLUB meets every 2nd Sunday of the month in the afternoon.

Annual membership $35 with $35 payable for each monthly event attended throughout the year. Guest speakers, competitions & live-fire.

NON-LETHAL HOME DEFENSE CLASSES - This 3 hour class examines home security equipment and techniques and is ideal for older clients. Includes training and advice from a Certified Master Locksmith to make your home less attractive to a criminal, equipping a safe room within your home, developing an awareness of your surroundings, non-lethal protection skills. We will come to present class at your community hall, Church etc. $35 per person for up to 20 students / $25 for 20 or more.

In this class Jo draws on her experience as a martial artist and self defense instructor that specializes in classes for ladies and seniors. It covers awareness of your surroundings both in and outside of your home and also examines the mind-set of the bad guys to help you to avoid becoming their victim. Issues like the threat aspects of social media, identity theft etc are also studied. It is a 2 hour class and she will come to your home, community hall or Church to present it. $25 per person for up to 6 students / $20 for more than six.

PERSONAL PROTECTION IN THE HOME - This 2 day NRA course teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and provides information on the law abiding citizen's right to self-defense. Part of this course will be taught by a retired Law Enforcement Officer. Skills taught in the classroom are practiced on a live-fire range on Day 2. $175.

PROTECTING YOURSELF ON THE STREET – This 2 day course is taught by 2 NRA Instructors and a retired Law Enforcement Officer. It covers real life scenarios that may be encountered outside your home with practical hands-on drills both in the classroom and in a live-fire range scenario. $175.

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